A portable EGPU box

I often travel between countries and wanted a small and light EGPU to take with me. Since I often travel to the same places I decided the best way was to use an external power brick. (The xbox 360 power brick) as a standard PSU I can have multiples of. Especially as they are dirt cheap now.

I then wanted a plastic cased (for maximum baggage allowance on flights) EGPU. Ideally without breaking the bank.

I settled on a Akitio Thunder 3, which I promptly removed from its case.

I soldered a wire on to the power input, and wired this inline with the meaty 12V supply to the graphics card.

The card I chose should pull 100Wish under load, with peaks at 150W. I chose a 203W xbox PSU, and tried a 150W one with similar success with even less weight.

I planned to print a cover, however it worked fine without it, and it gave maximum heat dissipation.

One problem I faced was occasionally the card would disconnect under load, which I thought was power related, however eventually I found that the ground wire was wired far from the +12V rail, and also since it had such a huge heatsink had not flowed properly when soldering, and so wasn't making a good connection.

I fixed this by using a big soldering iron to get it flowed on really well.

For the 3D files to recreate this please see https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3534658

This article was updated on July 19, 2020